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Old West Legends ~ Bill Miner- The Gentleman Bandit, or the Gray Fox, is widely believed to be the first criminal to use the now cliche, "Hands Up!"

15 of the most infamous and deadly gunslingers in history (15 Photos)

Henry Longabaugh AKA The Sundance Kid The Sundance Kid earned his nickname when he was caught and convicted of horse thievery in Sundance, Wyoming. Despite his reputation as a gunfighter, he is not certain to have actually killed anyone. After his release from jail in 1896, he and Robert LeRoy Parker aka “Butch Cassidy” formed the gang known as the Wild Bunch. They were responsible for the longest string of successful train and bank robberies in American history.

Naomi Wheeler - Keri Russell in Into the West, set between 1825 and 1890 (TV mini-series 2005).

"Gold Dust." Placer mining at Rockerville, Dak. Old timers, Spriggs, Lamb and Dillon at work

Snake Oils and other oddities were showcased in traveling medicine shows, trying to be sold by salesmen-doctors-auctioneers. This is a typical wagon that would have travelled in the shows.

Robert McGee was scalped at age 13 while on the Santa Fe trail in a wagon train near Larned, KS...the rest of his group was slaughtered...this photo was taken 25 years later... unbelievable...

How the Wild West REALLY looked: Gorgeous sepia-tinted pictures show the landscape as it was charted for the very first time

Funded by the War Department, the plan was to survey the unexplored territory that lay between the California Sierras and the Rockies, with a view toward finding a good place to lay railroad tracks while also looking for mining possibilities and assessing the level of Indian hostility in the area.