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[An Interior view of the original Lincoln cabin showing the old fireplace in the west room and the old spinning jenny of Mrs. Lincoln]

Emancipation Proclamation is read by Abraham Lincoln to his cabinet (for the first time) on July 22,1862. The proclamation is justifiably celebrated as a significant step toward the goal of ending slavery and making African Americans equal citizens of the United States (The 13th Amendment of the constitution ratified December 1865 OFFICIALLY abolished slavery).

Christmas during the Vietnam War

To all my friends, family, military brothers and sisters: THANK YOU for all your support of this website during the past year! I look forward to 2017 – many new articles and pictures are pla…

Bradley Schmehl Abraham Lincoln

Bradley Schmehl has gained fame through his realistic depictions of great historical moments and figures, including this painting of Abraham Lincoln. The face of Abraham Lincoln clearly shows the toll

*THE HOUSE WHERE PRESIDENT LINCOLN DIED: View of a portion of 10th Street, opposite Ford's Theatre. Source: Harper's Weekly

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