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Sakya Monastery ,Large Collection of Sutras A huge library of as many as 84,000 scrolls were found sealed up in a wall 60 metres long and 10 metres high at Sakya Monastery in 2003. It is expected that most of them will prove to be Buddhist scriptures although they may well also include works of literature, and on history, philosophy, astronomy, mathematics and art. They are thought to have remained untouched for hundreds of years

Tashilhunpo monastery Tibet founded in 1447 by the First Dalai Lama. During the Chinese Cultural Revolution 2/3rds of the buildings were destroyed and 5, 000 residents monks in Shigatse were executed, or committed suicide and large numbers were taken to labor camps. Only 200 monks remained.

This child is not a begger. He makes money by helping tourist break their large notes into smaller ones for offerings at Drepung Monastery, Tibet. Click photo to read my Drepung Monastery blog post.

Little boxes on the hillside... home to 40,000 Buddhist monks: The stunning makeshift town that has sprung up around a Tibetan monastery

Reaching the picturesque hillside town is not an easy task, with the nearest large city, Chengdu, being located around 400 miles away. But t...

The Sacred Black Hat dance is a spectacular dance performed during Tshechus (religious festivals), in which dancers representing Buddhist masters with supernatural powers drive out evil spirits and purify the ground with their footsteps. Beating the hand drums as they dance, the ‘Black Hat’ dancers proclaim their victory over the evil spirits.