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Ancient, yet so Modern – Roman Mummy Portraits from Hawara

A female portrait on wood panel from Hawara, a site near the Fayum oasis, Egypt, dated 54-68 AD, British Museum, London - (AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito)♔PM

Limestone head of a woman resembling Cleopatra VII, Roman, about 50-30 BC | The British Museum

The Oldest Modernist Paintings

Hypatia, the mathematician and philosopher, was the daughter of the mathematician Theon Alexandricus (ca. 335–405) and last librarian of the Library of Alexandria in the Museum of Alexandria. She was educated at Athens and in Italy. Around CE 400, she became head of the Platonist school at Alexandria, where she imparted the knowledge of Plato and Aristotle to any student; the pupils included pagans, Christians, and foreigners.

Egyptian Antiquities: Funerary Portrait of Woman. From Fayum, Egypt. Tempera on wood, 2nd century AD. Museo Archeologico, Florence, Italy.

Portrait bust of Cleopatra VII on display in the British Museum by Ahala, via Flickr Contrary to pop culture, Cleopatra was not a beautiful women. The idea of her as a knockout is because of her ability to persuade Caesar and Antony. She had a very large nose and it was stated that she had crooked eyes.