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Northern Ocean Hime,Kantai Collection

1girl absurdres ahoge airplane bare_legs barefoot black_panties covered_mouth dress full_body grey_background highres holding horns kantai_collection long_hair looking_at_viewer mittens mixke northern_ocean_hime panties pantyshot pantyshot_(standing) red_eyes shinkaisei-kan simple_background sketch solo standing toenail_polish underwear white_dress white_hair white_skin

Northern Ocean Hime

batatata77-Haguro-Kantai-Collection-Anime-2567479.jpeg (1200×1514)

Northern Ocean Hime,Kantai Collection,Anime,аниме

#art #illustration #manga

Northern Ocean Hime,Kantai Collection,Anime,аниме

Tags: Pixiv Id 4047711, Kantai Collection, Northern Ocean Hime (Kantai Collection)

Kantai Collection,Northern Ocean Hime