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DIY: All Natural Ginger Ale

Another Pinner Wrote: DIY All Natural Ginger Ale by mindbodygreen: Ginger ale is the perfect remedy for an upset stomach, but most commercial brands of ginger ale contain little to no ginger, and they’re loaded with sugar and other unwanted additives...

Indian style

Indian Ginger Tea recipe. You'll Need: water, black tea, ginger, cardamon, milk, and sugar.

Reducing Bloating: Be A Ginger Ninja. Ginger tea or capsules usually work well for stomach problems. You can make the tea by boiling thin sliced ginger root, enough to cover the bottom of your pan, and let it simmer for around a half-hour. Organic ginger root is pricier and not as available as conventionally farmed ginger root. So peel the skin off conventionally farmed ginger root before slicing. When the tea cools enough to drink, add a little raw honey.

Ginger tea is recommended on the GAPS diet and is perfect for soothing winter sore throats. Ginger is anti-inflammatory and can also help with morning sickness / nausea. Save the ginger coins after steeping them in the water and toss in a pan with a little honey until it thickens and it turns to candied ginger, which you can store for months in the fridge!