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Today as I sip my coffee and look over my newsfeed it warms my soul to see so many standing in solidarity not just for #Paris but for #PeaceonEarth. I see no fear mongering no hatred no anger. Instead I see people all over the world people of all beliefs all faiths all races standing hand in hand saying: "Enough is enough! We no longer cower at your threats. We no longer buy your propaganda. We recognize something is wrong and we are here to fix it. We are here to remind you that even you…

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First day project. "Friendship tree". All students add their fingerprint and the teacher hangs it in the room as a reminder that we're all friends.- DOING THIS :)

While this is directed more towards middle and high school students, it would be something great to have in a classroom. Often times kids need to be reminded that once you post something you normally can't un-post it. -Kayla Gavigan

31 Genius Hacks For Your Elementary School Art Class

31 Genius Hacks For Your Elementary School Art Class. Coming from someone who loves Art and incorporating art into the classroom, these hacks will definitely come in handy one day for sure :)