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It's August 2011. The SEC is asking questions, execs are fleeing, and employees are suing. What happened to the world's fastest growing startup? Can it come...

World War 2 casualties as a percentage of population.[[MORE]]Here are the countries totals:Poland: 16.4% Nauru (Australian): 14.7% Lithuania: 14.3% Ruanda-Urundi (Belgian): 14% Soviet Union: 13.5% Timor (Portuguese): 12.1% Latvia: 11.7% Germany: 10.2% Yugoslavia: 9% Australia: 0.57% India (British): 0.5% Canada: 0.4% Bulgaria: 0.35% Norway: 0.32% United States: 0.32%

Map of US 50 percent and of those areas most of them will be lost to various disasters within the next 2 decades, mostly in the next 8 years. Don't believe me, you can get the same information yourself. The Creator is saying this via the analogies of your dreams ... if you'd only pay attention and learn how they work.

Today’s post is a collaboration with the American Chemical Society’s Green Chemistry Institute, looking at some of the ‘endangered’ elements on the periodic table. Learn more about them here:

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