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Thai Sitting 11.5-inch Buddha Statue (China) by ORIENTAL FURNITURE

@Overstock - Crafted of high-quality, heavy resin, this sitting Sakyamuni Buddha is in the classic Thai design. This statue of Buddha features a beautiful wood grain finish in a honey-colored cast resin.

ohm. Om is beyond all boundaries. Scientists find a hum with their radio telescopes in every direction of outer space - these men of science believe that they are hearing the creation of our Universe. Mystics would say that the Primordial First Act was the split from the One into two. These uneven parts were balanced in the Golden Section ratio (about 1 to 1.6) . This ratio is central to harmony in music and art. And this is Om.

I'm a middle-aged guy from America. This is my fun blog; my other blog is more adult-oriented. I wanted a place where I could post stuff that's a little bit more colorful, light-hearted and humorous....

I am the light that I was searching for. God exists within me, around me and for me. I am never alone.