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Back in LA! Super excited to have one of my biggest role models invite me to check out his camp in Malibu this weekend... Maybe some of you guys will be there? 😊

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I dont feel this when we broke up . Im sorry because i know my heart is not for you f . I x try nk pujuk you sbb i dont have any feelings to do it . Then i know my heart is belong to t .

Actually, I think we both went through EXACTLY who/what we needed to go through to be grateful for one another when we met. I remember him saying he felt like maybe, this was "God's wink" after a lot of disappointments. He was right. I couldn't have imagined I would be able to love someone who also allowed me to be completely myself, independent, do our own things...but be one unit. :)

Many times we get overwhelmed with life and forget how big our God is! God is always there to comfort us and reminding us we need to seek Him at all times in the good and bad. Four things I’d like for us to keep in mind when feeling afraid, faithless, or overwhelmed -- Read more here:

Inner peace begins the moment you take a deep breath and choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions. -- read:

If he does not claim you, he does not want you. Either he doesn't want you or he does not have what it takes to claim you. If a man is tentative about it then he is not the man for you. Now, we often do not consider seriously enough the matters of the heart. A call to love to another human being is a very sacred experience. The heart of a human being is to be held in a holy space, and if we treat it as such, there will be far less pain involved.