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Jane Austen Art - Emma Quote - Regency Style Ink Drawing

This is actually one of the very prominent, deep themes in ReBoot. The villains are designed to change others to suit their needs, and the hero alters the villain to suit his. God I love this show.

Photo (the world is your oyster, and you are its pearl.)

as someone who's been through some storms, and can still smile, I must say I have huge respect for those who've been through similar, worse, or even less than I have. Suffering isn't determined by the period of time, but by the pain felt by the individual

Oh Amen for this one! I'd say several would agree.... I have quite an unique personality and the mouth to match and not scared to use that. BC that's just who I am and I know it's quite rare to find a woman like this one.

Photo (C'est toi pour moi Moi pour toi dans la vie)

listening to your head is like watching the visuals without hearing the voice. If you study it well enough, you can learn to read lips and understand conversations. But you will never hear the intonations, or ever truly understand what they mean.

Sophrosyne | Sophrosyne (Greek: σωφροσύνη) is a Greek philosophical term etymologically meaning healthy-mindedness and from there self-control or moderation guided by knowledge and balance. Roman poet Juvenal later interpreted sophrosyne 'mens sana in corpore sano' ("a healthy mind in a healthy body"). —Wikipedia