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Visite de la Citadelle de Dinant

November 6th is "Saxophone Day." A day to recognize Adolphe Sax, Belgian musician and inventor of the saxophone and the saxotromba. Born at Dinant, Belgium, on this day in 1814, Antoine Joseph Sax, later known as Adolphe, was the eldest of 11 children of a musical instrument builder. Sax contributed an entire family of brass wind instruments for band and orchestra use. He was accorded fame and great wealth, but business misfortunes led to bankruptcy. He died in Paris, in poverty, 2/7/1894.

Dinant, Belgium Vintage Postcard

Bonjour Monsieur... Thank you so much for trialling Pearl Waterless at Dinant.. It is an honour for us.

Le Quai, Dinant, Belgium Vintage Postcard

Honduras: World Bank palm oil loans linked to murders.

A young Belgian couple pose next to the banner they had made to greet Allied troops when they arrived in their German-occupied town followin...