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Interesting designs on the coat (likely not period, however). Note the turned-up cuffs. This one might not be intended to be Viking--the shorter gown underneath appears to have a neckline and not a straight edge like an apron-dress, but it's a similar fashion and appears to be Early Period in intent, so I've included it.

Unknown neopagan/reenactor? in an apron dress with side lacing for snugness and contrasting-color gores. An interesting blend of ideas for which I know of no support in the archaeological record, but it's a handsome outfit.

"The couple came out to greet us, with beaming faces, and open arms of welcome...and immediately our hearts were warmed at the sight, for we knew that for the time being, we had found ourselves at home."

From a Swedish site that sells recreation clothing. Note that the neckline is high enough to give a stand-up collar effect.

Wikinger Mantel

Another Viking coat pattern. Eugenia Swingle put it on her blog, but it's not original with her; I forget the original source. When I find it, I'll update this description.