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"La lucha es muy bandera pues la maldad esta regada por toda la esfera y es una loquera que se adueña de las buenas vibraciones que el mundo natural propone porque este mundo artifical lo descompone!" -Papashanty, "Musica de paz"

It was the year of the Snake, 2013, in the Sat Yuga, the Golden Age and a mass kundalini awakening and remembering rippled across the planet. They chose, as a collective consciousness, that Light and Love would reign. They knew that they were ready to experience peace and harmony as a unified field of Love. They stopped being afraid of their light, and began to bask in Infinite Love. They released all fears and doubts that drained the infinite power of Love that was their truest calling.

What Does It Mean To Walk In The Path Of The Goddess? At its most simple, it means that the Goddess has awakened you to her presence. The sacred feminine has been revered for millennia and has celebrated a renaissance in the last few decades. The Goddess of Ten Thousand Names offers an infinite variety of ways to know her and to find her within yourself. She is embodied by the cycles of the moon and the turning of the seasons and the beating of your heart. She is both timely and timeless.