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INTJ Brain, backup brain. Hahaha I'm not cold, just double-brained- like an intellectual version of The Doctor ;)

A problem with so many mental health disorders. Thinking of the worst case scenario can be more settling for someone because then should that happen it won't hurt as much. Over analysing however causes an anxiety increase and can put you in a really low place. Some tasks you could do: 1. put pen to paper.. Rationalise it all in your writing. Do a pros and cons list of why you could be over analysing in the first place. 2. What's the worst that could go wrong? Even if the worst case scenario…

Depression - this would be helpful as an exercise for clients searching for a way to describe/illustrate what their personal experience of depression looks like.

I realized what an influence Stiletto Siren had on me when I started purchasing clothes she made look good

Be yourself with me. Not who you think you have to be to capture my attention. I can see through you so easily, it's not necessary...