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Andy Biersack with his puppy daredevil< my heart just exploded

J.R.R. Tolkien, aged 24, in military uniform, while serving in the British Army during World War I, 1915

Yeah...>>> actually that's really sad ;-; xD

I have an army…

You know u just said it in your head like captain jack lol! I did too its ok

The Forbidden City. Henry Cartier-Bresson, Beijing, 1948. After all these years I still find HC-B pictures I've never seen before...

Amazed at how they can even sleep like that

Yes. I prefer their natural, tan skin. I don't care if there are blemishes, they are still perfect : )

I don't care if I've pinned this before I HAVE TOO!!!!

No one is safe from Taehyung's aegyo