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Ladon The hundred-headed dragon that guards the garden of the Hesperides: dragon’s blood resin, golden apple, apple blossom, white musk and hyacinth.

The Sorceress - An evocation incense of frankincense, styrax, lavender buds, mastic, and white sandalwood mingled with moonflower, violet absolute, tuberose, and dark musk.

Bestiaire du Moyen Âge ... Watery cerulean musk winding through crushed grass, apple blossom, wild mint, and pine needles.

Lust Bonbon Uncontrollable passion and insatiable sexual desire: red musk, patchouli, ylang ylang and myrrh, surrounded by smoky cinnamon-dusted cacao.

The Velvets - Smooth inky musk, cathedral incense, ylang ylang, violet leaf, rose-infused amber, red sandalwood, and iris.

To Juan at the Winter Solstice - A prayer to the White Goddess: Pale rose, sweet clover, and bergamot for the Maiden. Hazelnut, honey, and myrtle and for the Mother. Black cypress, myrrh, and white sandalwood for the Crone.