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((FC::Emilia Clarke)) Good Morning. I am the white queens's daughter and my name is Celestia-Tara Alice of Marmoreal.My mother,of course,named me Alice after she died.I am 19 and believe in Grace and Elegance.I prefer to stay away from the Hatters-they are fairly mad.I have a slight crush on the Red Queen's son and am best at daggers-don't underestimate me.Introduce?

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Hello Fairytales and Myths from across the globe. My name is Stephen Grimm...yes, my dad is one of The Brothers Grimm...though which one I don't know. Anyway, I'm here to do what I do best....write. I'll be recording your stories as they happen, so please come introduce yourselves.

(Open rp be him. Credit to: @ringronies) I walk to the ship docks and look around for the name of the ship I had bought passage on. I finally see it and walk up to it hesitating to board. "Will you be boarding anytime soon?" I hear a voice say and look up startled. My eyes find a handsome young man grinning and looking down at me from the deck. I quickly grab my bag and walk onto the deck. "Yes sorry." I say blushing slightly. "No need to apologize." He winks. "I'm Captain West."

"Love the interesting shadowing on the cheekbones; shows a rarely seen side of anatomy and creates such a strong sense of depth..."