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Explore Count Kit, Pre Paid and more!

Equi-Lab Worm Count Kit The packs contain specimen pots gloves pre-paid envelopes easy to understand instructions and vouchers for a full laboratory

Lincoln Biotin Tablets Flavoured tasty hoof care supplement in a treat A convenient way of giving a horse the daily requirement of Biotin 30 days supply.

Protexin Recover Aid Palatable powder to aid reocvery following strenuous exertion a long journey or a virus Can be used as a pre race competition boost.

Uncle Jimmy s Big Licky Holder - with Free Refill The Big Licky was created to reduce mess and stickiness Packed with all of the same nutritional

Novartis Savlon Concentrated Disinfectant The traditional liquid antiseptic disinfectant containing cetrimide and chlorhexidine gluconate solution BP.

Global Herbs Acid-X Can transform digestion to enable horses to take in such food much more safely and comfortably.

Global Herbs Ragaid A powerful aid to maintaining liver cells in top working order Traditionally used as a liver tonic this improved formula can be used all year round.

Global Herbs Restore Feed to horses that are in poor condition or are listless despite good feeding and worming Can help with changes of feed and is an excellent aid.