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UFO And Alien Signs Hidden In Antiques

The 1500-year-old Bible refutes the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, says he wasn't the son of God but a Prophet who ascended into heaven alive.

A Bulgarian clairvoyant namely Baba Vanga has hit the headlines after correctly predicting the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami the 9/11 terror attacks and the rise of ISIS. But what else has she predicted?

The mysterious rock formation similar to Stonehenge under Lake Michigan resembles other structures found in England and France

Sigalit Landau, "Salt Crystal Bride Gown III," 2014: As the Dead Sea Dries Out, an Artist Immortalizes It

33,000 pieces of strange looking figurines of Acambaro collection show that humanity and dinosaur coexisted on Earth

Ancient mega pyramids unearthed in Bosnia dated back tens of thousands of years and might be taller that pyramids Of Giza

Latest NASA's Mars Images Appear To Show Remains Of Grizzly Bear - Look4ward


The Mystical Sumerian King List