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"PIRANHA," THE GUIDE SPAT, indicating that I should cast elsewhere. I had no regard for such misgivings: if the piranha were the only fish biting, then I was just thankful for something—anything—tugging at the end of my line. My companion, Cale, and I shared long-suffering looks, and then went back...

10 Best Garden Crops for Beginners

10 Best GARDEN Crops for BEGINNERS: Plan your first garden with these 10 easy crops that offer great cooking possibilities.

So what I need is all those open parts windowed with clear glass (except the door,) then this attached to the library via that nice big open door, and then filled with comfy chairs and cushions. And then on beautiful thunderstorming days, I will take a book from the library and sit in this gorgeous windowed room and read. ALL. DAY. LONG.

Cajas Hiking Tour - Cuenca, Ecuador

Cajas Hiking Tour with TerraDiversa. Just a half hour drive from Cuenca, Ecuador, Cajas National Park makes a spectacular nature retreat | Long Haul Trekkers

Why you should travel solo! Plus a freebie

2,000 Miles to Strong: The Body Image of a Thru Hiker

What if body image was based on what bodies do for us rather than the way they look?

How to get rid of ants with a pesticide. Organic product called Green Light Fire Ant Control granules.