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Kiev's Kill List Aims Its Crosshairs at 17 Year Old American -

Pleached Hornbeam trees - Pleaching is the weaving branches of multiple trees together for privacy, wind & sound block. Best trees for pleaching are Lindens, Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus), Beech, Apple, Pear, Hawthorn, & Carob. The American Hornbeam (Carpinus Caroliniana) is hardy and holds some of it's leaves during winter to provide a privacy screen year round. Because each tree is trained to have a single stem, there is space below a pleached hedge for other plantings (a hedge on stilts!)

Image copyright AFP When Mikhail Gorbachev resigned almost exactly 25 years ago – bringing the USSR to a sudden end – he had been left little choice by the leaders of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The three men had signed a treaty 17 days earlier dissolving the Soviet Union – a

An Antique Openwork Ring Made in Moscow between 1908 and 1917. This elegant Belle Epoque silver topped 14K gold ring is set with three old European cut, two single cut and eight rose cut diamonds.

The Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia (6th June 1872 – 17th July 1918). Before the Revolution, the Russian royal family lived surrounded by enormous wealth and luxury in enormous palaces. Incredibly some of the gorgeous gowns worn by the Empress have survived and can still be seen today…