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I am certain the sun exists even if it hasn't risen. I am certain love exists, even if I haven't felt it. I believe in God, even though I haven't seen Him. -Written on a wall in a city demolished during WWII

الدكتور مانع العتيبة on

عيّرتني بالشيب و هوَ وقارُ ليتها عيّرتْ بما هوَ عارُ إنْ تكنْ شَابتْ الذّوائبُ مِنّي فاللّيـــالي تُنيُرها الأقمـَـارُ ! . المستنجد بالله العبّاسي

The eliminated part of our words. . The look that we keep to ourselves as we turn around... the dreams that we don't tell anyone about... these things are us in reality...

24 year old girl from Norway. I'm way too shy and my favorite hobby is daydreaming. ♥ Animal rights/human rights, friends, laughter, dreaming, living, experience, diy, sleep, tea (preferably with a really good book or person). - Equality and justice.