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"Not every voice is one that is spoken out loud.. "

Pathologizing Kitty…

I’ve been considering that we don’t impose the dog paradigm of communication, where tail wagging means ‘I am happy or excited’ and ‘please give me more…’ o…

Breaking the stereotypes and misconceptions that society has on autism and Autistic people. We need more positive messages about autism and more Autistic input, rather than fear, hatred, and pity from people who refuse to listen to Autistics. I love this PSA! Wish more PSA's were of this nature.

Autistic Regression and Fluid Adaptation. One of the best posts I've ever read about why an autistic person might be having a rough time.


"Here’s the argument in a nutshell. It gets longer, angrier, and much more detailed than this, but I am exhausted just from reading the fighting, so I’m boiling it all down to two statements. And both statements are correct. Autistic adult: “ABA is abuse.” Parent of Autistic child: “I’m not abusive and my child is benefitting greatly from ABA therapy.”"