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11 Surprisingly Simple Steps To Master Small Talk – Even If You’re Painfully Shy!

Confidence tips: If you're shy at parties, try this trick: pretend everyone has an invisible sign around their neck saying 'Make me feel important' It puts your focus onto them, not yourself. For another 10 steps to master small talk, read this.

If only we could talk about what really matters, about who we are and what motivates us. But most people find this too intense. I am too hungry for the meat and bone of the mind and the soul.

Life is too short to make too much small talk, cultivate relationships and friendships with meaning and depth

Father's Day Gift-I Turn Grills On

Keep circle small. ❤️my small circle even if we don't see or talk to each other every day,week,month or year. We pick right back up where we left off

Listen Carefully To How A Person Speaks About Other People To You

It's food for thought. If you think it's about you-maybe it is. Don't read too deep.