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No title by @Magenta. Its available. Technique: Oil on canvas.

No title by @Magenta This is a big one, located now in a summer house in Barra de Valizas (UY), in front of the beach. The person who lives there have lots of cats, and enjoy natural life, respecting nature and ecology. She doesnt have electric instalations or even pipe water, and the house is in the middle of the sand in front of the beach. Technique: Acrylic and oil on canvas.

"Diary of a little monster" by @Magenta 30x40, oil on canvas. It describes the change on a life of a girl that follows Lady Gaga as an inspiration. She looks like a diva now, she is gourgeous and beautiful. She didnt knew she had that tiger inside untill she found that music, that woman, and that way of life.

"Same Love" by @Magenta. Crayon technique on canvas. A client asked me a crayon art canvas, and I wanted to do something different, and to show a concept on it. Rainbow colors represent the diversity flag, so we though that represent a gay coupple would be nice. It was very fun to do it.

A costumer asked me to paint Adele and this is the finished work. 27x35 - Acrylic on canvas

©Magenta. Gato en acrílico sobre cartón gris. Disponible.

©Magenta. Pavo Real. Acrílico sobre madera. Texturizado. Tiene dueño.

©Magenta. Loro. Acrílico sobre cartón. Disponible.

©Magenta. Otoño. Acrílico sobre bastidor de madera. disponible.