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Female enhancement cream and libido enhancement with Vigorelle the all natural herbal body cream used as a female libido enhancer to increase sex drive, create orgasms and enhance sexual activity for those with decreased libido

Complimenting others and making to-do lists: the habits that will make you more successful

9 Tips to Stop Procrastinating for Good

How To Stretch Your Hip! Good stretch for nner thighs,low back pain and relieving hip muscle pain. ~ Remember...If you feel pain while exercising, stop and seek professional advice. A helpful reminder from


I bet you would never believe someone would rip off a small handmade business....but it happens. We obviously want to assume the majority of our shoppers are stopping by because they are interested in supporting you and we never want to deter them from shopping but as a small business, we also have to protect our profits. Here are 10 tips (some more extreme than others) on how to help prevent theft at your next craft show, market or event. Using 1 or more of the tips below can allow you…

9 Ways to Make [Children] Listen: "Let’s face it, asking kids to do something over and over again drives us all nuts. [...] Have faith, even the most persistent non-listener can change! Just remember, lay down the basic ground rules and be consistent – much more effective than shouting and yelling plus you'll be a GREAT role model!"

Killing Cancer with juicing and good food recipe is the start to stop it and organic foods the best

Disposable Products You Can Replace with Reusable Ones (A Cultivated Nest)

Disposable items have become a major part of everyday life. So much so, that we often don’t stop...