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Why I love a gay man - RLPCo Blog

Whether or not you agree with gay marriage, God calls us to love one another. "Why I love a gay man"

Wow! I didn't see that coming.

They Scoffed At The Poor Woman Who Liked A Dress She Couldn’t Afford But Were In Utter Shock When This Happened.

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A wonderful poem by Wilferd A. Peterson about the art of marriage, read at Paul Newman's wedding to Joanne Woodward. More

Love is caring for each other

Short Quotes about life

This is me in every way for about 3 years now.. and that's not a good thing knowing I'm only single since 6months

Indiana Takes on America: Discrimination Against Gays, Religious Freedom and Rewriting the Constitution

Just because your religion doesn't believe in gay marriage, doesn't mean you can take away their equal rights to marry. Also doesn't mean you can call members of the LGBT community disgusting, or tell them they are sinners who are going to Hell just for being in love!!!

Always have my king protecting me even if he isn't physically with me right now. I know he's got me.