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Cheesy Pesto Chicken Lasagna Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

Skip the starchy noodles and make this this cheesy pesto chicken lasagna in a perfectly tender baked spaghetti squash. I love this tasty gluten-free dish!

Spiced carrot & lentil soup

A delicious, spicy blend, packed full of iron and low fat to boot. It's ready in under half an hour or can be made in a slow cooker, from BBC Good Food.

Potato salad with curried mayo

Potato salad with curried mayo

Jamaican spiced corn soup

Jamaican spiced corn soup recipe By Lucy Williams...This Jamaican flavoured soup is hot and spicy, but the creamy coconut milk tempers the fiery heat of the Scotch bonnet chilli. This is great to have stored in the freezer.

Vegetarian scotch eggs (with help from Andy Bates)

These lovely eggs may look like their meaty cousin, the scotch egg but no, they're vegetarian scotch eggs, made from a spicy blend of beans and chickpeas.

Mary Berry chocolate cupcake

Mary Berry Chocolate Cupcake Recipe is pure chocolate indulgence. Children will love to decorate with chocolate strands and chocolate decorations.

500 calorie meal plans for 5:2 diet

If you’re trying out the 5:2 diet, our under 500 calorie meal plans will get you though those fasting days.