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SMAI Hand Wraps - Elastic Cotton 180 - Length: 180" - Thickness: 1" For more info visit:

Home Gym Row Machine - With Dual Piston Hydraulic

SMAI Boxers Training Belt SMAI Boxers Training Belt has 3 Levels of resistance. It fits around the torso to allow the user to train upper body speed and strength with punching drills. One size fits all. For more info visit:

SMAI Leather Clench Bag SMAI Leather Clench Bag with re-enforce canvas backing - 140cm x 45cm x 45cm x 60kg D/W - (6 Straps) Heavy duty leather bags with strong canvas backing, I deal for all Muay Thai / Boxing Gyms. Filled to a heavy weight with leather and fabric. Leather bag require extra maintenance. To keep the product in top condition the bag has to be regularly oiled with leather oil. For more info visit:

SMAI MMA Gloves - Element Element MMA: SMAI are international leaders in the manufacturing of combat sports equipment with over 28 years experience supplying athletes and Fitness industry professionals. The SMAI Element MMA gloves are ideal for Competition and MMA sparring and have several key features: - Functional open palm design to allow a free range of natural movement without any restriction. For more info visit:

Home Gym Row Machine - With Dual Piston Hydraulic

Force USA Exercise Ball Holder - 1 Ball Wall Mounted For more info visit:

Healthstream HS12.25 Treadmill 1.25hp/16kph - Anniversary Range Features: - Max user weight: 120kg - Motor: DC 1.25hp - Speed: 1-16kph - Elevation: 15 levels - Monitor: Blue backlight - Running surface: 120 x 44cm - Programs: Manual/9 preset program profiles - Cushioning: Extra soft cushion - Pulse: Contact For more info visit:

SMAI Station Boxing Stand w/ Bag & Speed Ball SMAI 2 Station Boxing Stand complete with bags Includes: - Punch bag - Speed ball - Speed ball platform For more info visit:

Pendlay 1kg Rule Coloured Metal Weight Plates PLATES SOLD IN PAIRS The Pendlay 1 kg Rule Metal Weight Plates are painted cast iron. The 50.4mm opening makes for a perfect fit on a Pendlay bar (as well as other approved Olympic lifting bars). Weight tolerances are +/- 1%. The dimensions of each plate are: - 0.5kg: 5 1/8" x 1/4" - 1kg: 6 1/4" x 3/8" For more info visit:

Home Gym Row Machine - With Dual Piston Hydraulic

SMAI L-Shape Wall Mount L-Shape Wall Mount - Single Pivot Action punch bag stand with piviot action. - 100cm x 88cm High - Thickness Of Bar 4.5cm x 4.5cm - Any bag over 35kg should be taken off the bracket before pivoting for storage. For more info visit: