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#TrueStory If he hasn't got the time, doesn't put in the effort, doesn't ask about you first... if you always have to initiate contact, text him with no replies, not only does he NOT love you... he never did and never will. He just didn't care, .

A woman will be as girly as you pamper her, as lady-like as you treat her, as intelligent as you challenge her, and as sensual as you entice her… -Unknown- Una mujer será tan niña como la consientas, tan dama como la tratas, tan inteligente como la retes, tan sensual como la provoques… -Anónimo-

I try not to, but when you see them only a few times a month at work, it's rough and it's tough, but whenever I do, I try to show you the best that I can. I miss you so much. I need to ask K what to do because she's totally game for this. I miss you. ♥

10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (707)

I've often wondered why we so stubbornly ignore the nudges and soft whispers of guidance from the Universe, paying attention only to the '2x4 upside our heads'...