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That moment you (John) see your first Sherman Tank under water !! A memory that will last your life time :-) On the Empire Heritage, Living the Dream !!

Its been a busy start to the year with lots of try dives last week and the first SF2 course at Stoney Cove :-) More fun to follow :-)

Glassware inside one of the cargo holds of the MV Benghazi. This would have been packed with straw, which has long since gone. The German motor vessel Bengazi (originally the Danish mv. Almena, taken over by the Vichy Government and later seized by the Germans and renamed Benghazi) was torpedoed and sunk by British submarine HMS Turbulent off Cape Carbonara, Sardinia. Living the dream, one dive at a time !!

Day one of the SF2 crossover for Jamie and Andy at DiveMaster Scuba, lots of kit fettling and learning how to maintain and service the unit :-)

Congratulations to Gary for completing his TDI air diluent Poseidon Se7en course last week :-) Enjoy the silent world Gaz !!

Congratulations to Jonathan on completing his AP Diving rebreather course this week at Stoney Cove. Great job mate and welcome to the world of silent diving !!!

Yesterday was the start of another SF2 TDI Air Diluent Decompression course at Bucklands Lakes with Southern Scuba :-) Today was break down and build up day, where the guys get to know all about their new toys !! Enjoy the start of the silent world guys !!

Today was the start of a TDI Technical DPV course at Stoney Cove. We had a great start with a theory session and 84min dive around the Cove :-)

Congratulations to John Collins who completed two try dives today on two different rebreathers :-) First dive was on the JJ-CCR and the second was on the SF2. Which one will he choose, who knows, we have to wait and see ;-) I hope this is the start of the silent world for you !!

Congratulations to Jeff and Ewen on completing their CCR TDI Trimix Mixed Gas Course this week :-) Great job guys and it was a pleasure to dive with you again !! The photo was taken after their qualifying dive at Ras il-Hobz in Gozo.