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You know, I am just this big of a book worm.

This anime wallpaper features a lot of wonderful Zodiac Constallations. I hope that you like a lot.

Tukiji Nao is a really talented anime artist. I don't really know why he is not too popular in the US. Come on, people!! This is some seriously pretty work.

Here is a pretty Hatsune Miku anime vocaloid wallpaper. She is in the water with some blue butterflies. really pretty.

In this anime vocaloid wallpaper we see the darling Sakura Miku. She came out really pretty.

here is quite the amassing anime scenery wallpaper. an anime priestess is walking among some lambs. Bellow her we see some pretty flowers and the like. this is truly a pretty 5 stars worthy anime wallpaper.

this cute anime girl has a lot of lovely backgrounds. she is quite the mangaka artist.

here we see quite the pretty blue eyed darling. this hatsune miku is really something else.

here we have a cute anime girl painting a lot of pretty things. the wonders she is creating are truly 5 stars worthy.