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awesome shot of some great Superman and wonder woman costumes. *sidenote, why do my eyes keep immediately going to his crotch and saying dear lord he's wonder woman!

We Can't Get Enough of the Creative Cosplays From Comic-Con 2016

donthurtyourselfonthewaydown: Aaaaand before I forget, here’s a photo of my Wonder Girl cosplay. I did Donna from TTYO with lilrenald as Speedy. Photo by Dale. Haha, I’m so happy to have finally got a flying shot! You make an awesome Wonder Girl!

Raven Cosplay : Lady Annaka Cosplay looks beautiful in her original Raven cosplay! A little about her "Hello again! Here's my recent photo shoot of my custom Raven of DC. I really love this character so much, and was so excited about the cosplay! I wanted to bring my own interpretation of Raven to this costume and try and be unique. I made a tribal type headdress for her, and I changed up the dress a bit. I really had fun and loved these shots!

Catwoman: Red Star Cosplay | Photography: Project-Nerd Cosplay | Catwoman has been my go-to costume, so it seemed only right to do a holiday shot. What do cats do? They get tangled in the lights #cosplay