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Radiator-Leakage-Stopper-car care products supplier-iLike Fine Chemical Captain Radiator Leakage Stopper is formulated with natural vegetable fiber, hardener, anti-rust agents, and anti-foam agent. It can promptly stop the leakage in cooling system. The natural fire will not clog the channels of radiator, but completely clear away the scum and rust in the cooling system without harm to other parts. This product is compatible with any kind of anti-freeze fluid.

Captain Dashboard Wax is the perfect spray wax for leather, plastic and rubber. With an overseas advanced formula, it helps protect dashboard and car seats and tires from fading, wrinkling and aging, and provides a glossy finish. It can also effectively prevent the dusts produced by static electricity. Applications: dashboard, cockpit, leather, car tire, bumper,etc Flavors available: Lemon, Strawberry, Vanilla, Apple, Ocean, New Car, Orange, Cologne, etc

油嘴清洗剂 ID-315 爱丽客油嘴清洗剂可自动清除供油系统特别是喷油嘴的胶质、积碳和结垢,保障最佳喷雾效果,增强发动机动力,降低油耗,消除发动机颤动、失速喘抖、胎速不稳、加速无力,冷启动困难等不良现象,解决因燃烧不充分引起的冒黑烟、排放超标和续燃等问题。

轮胎充气补胎胶 ID-309 爱丽客自动充气补胎液适用于各种电动车、摩托车及中小型汽车真空橡胶轮胎,对直径1-6毫米左右真空胎的刺孔有100%的效果。使用方便,不用千斤顶,不用卸胎扒胎即可完成自动充气、补胎。本品充入完好的轮胎,可以防刺漏。

Air-Conditioner-Cleaner-ID-611-home care and house cleaning products supplier-i-Like Fine Chemical``Formulated with special natural extract, deodorant and fragrant ingredients, it can clean and deodorize the internal parts of air conditioner and easily and provides inflow of fresh air.. It is non-flammable, non-corrosive and non-toxic.

Motor-Flush-ID-321-car care products supplier-iLike Fine Chemical Captain Motor Flush is specially formulated with fine oil and special agents for motor flush of petrol engines (unworkable for diesel ones). Safely removes engine sludge, varnish & gum; Contains no mineral spirits or kerosene; Removes sludge, varnish and gum from engine parts. Helps free sticky valves and rings. Helps improve performance and extends engine life

超级水晶蜡 (车蜡) ID-406 爱丽客超级水晶蜡可有效地去除车漆表面污垢、填补花纹,并在表面形成一层水晶般油润光亮的持久防水保护膜,能有效地防御紫外线、酸雨、泥砂等有害物,防止漆面老化、变色和失光。

Remove Mold from Your Home and Keep it from Coming Back

Uses for in your home - everything from removing scuff marks to getting legos apart! Also have read that is is good for cleaning stainless steel appliances, going to give it a try...

防锈润滑剂 ID-303 爱丽客防锈润滑剂中特殊分子能在表面形成保护膜,以隔绝湿气及空气,避免氧化、生锈,广泛应用于精密配件、电器接触点、汽车钢铁零件及高灵敏组件的抗腐蚀。常用来保养机器、军械、电动工具和精密仪器等装备,可消除门铰、铁闸、机动车部件和椅子发出的吱吱声。