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Doctors attempt to cure their patient of their illnesses. Similarly, a priest attempts to reaffirm the ill person that everything will be ok, and their final moments will be with the Lord. REAL WORLD CONNECTION

The Church Bathroom That Stood As A Monument To A Segregated Past

A segregated bathroom behind a Louisiana church is the springboard for a discussion about racism as a Priest attempts to bring healing.

Astrologer, Palmist, Face Reader and Spiritualist in Birmingham, UK

St. Peregrine, an anti-Catholic, had a conversion as a young man. After experiencing a vision from Mary, he became a priest. He lived and worked, as much as possible, in silence, solitude, and without sitting down for 30 years in attempt to do penance for his early life. A victim of a spreading cancer in his foot, he was scheduled for amputation. He spent the night before in prayer; he received a vision of Christ who touched the diseased area. The next morning, his cancer was completely…

In this Oct. 31, 2016, file photo provided by the Archdiocese of Detroit is Archbishop Michael Byrnes. The new archbishop for Guam will meet with his brother priests as his first order of business on Monday, Nov. 28, 2016, as he attempts to heal this island nation rocked by allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of clergy and even the former archbishop. (Jonathan Francis/Archdiocese of Detroit via AP, File)

The church declined and renewed many times. The power of the church led to officials to dub around in secular matters. Orders to reform from popes and monarchies. St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi purified those orders giving a new vigor to the church. Pope Gregory VII tried to free the church from secular interference. Priests can't marry and bishops can no longer be appointed by the state.

Social Justice Warriors are preaching socialism, but the term Social Justice was coined by a Catholic Priest and his concept is not socialist in the least.

Forced to flee with her village, priestly apprentice, Althessa, discovers that danger comes in many guises and salvation is often unexpected. When their undead pursuers are slain by an unknown force, she hears magick call from nearby, and another life is balanced on the edge of death. With the priests too busy to assist, and only her wizardly brother to help her, can Althessa perform the healing required, or will the attempt bring death to all who dare it?

TheObamaCrat™ Presents: The Catholic Church. My suggestion to the roman catholic church and it’s millions of members…clean up your nasty disgusting religion before attempting to set political policy...AND save souls of the very members you corrupt with pedophilia and protecting pedophile priest.