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К 400-летию Дома Романовых. Сокровища дома Романовых

Created in 1762 for the Empress Catherine II, this crown formed part of the state insignia of czarist Russia. The crown was made by a team of goldsmiths headed by the jeweler Jeremie Pauzie and took two months to make. The style of this crown is Byzantine and the two halves represent unity between the eastern and western Roman Empire. It has 75 pearls and a large spinel gemstone below its cross as well as over 4,000 diamonds. There is a 55 carat diamond at its base.

How to Be Crowned Like a Russian Tsar

The famous 189-carat Orlov Diamond adorns the royal scepter. It has been widely reported that the diamond was stolen from the eye of a statue of a Hindu deity in India in the 18th century, and was eventually bought by Count Grigory Orlov—one of Catherine the Great's lovers.

The court jeweller Ekart and Jeremia Pauzie made the Great Imperial Crown for the coronation of Catherine Ⅱ in 1762. It is adorned with 4936 diamonds arranged in splendid patterns across the entire surface of the crown Bordering the edges of the "mitre" are a number of fine, large white pearls. The crown is also decorated with a large precious red spinel weighing 398.72 carats (79.744 g) from China. It is believed to be the second largest spinel in the world.

The Teck Turquoise Tiara was made around 1850 and is composed of diamonds and turquoise stones set in a central sunburst motif surrounded by rococo scrolls. Queen Mary received this gem and its accompanying parure as a wedding gift from her parents. She gave the (by then altered) parure to her daughter-in-law Alice, the Duchess of Gloucester, as a wedding gift in 1935.

The Tiara of Marie-Thérèse

Above is the emerald and diamond tiara of Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte, the Duchess of Angoulême. Through several peculiar quirks of fate it is one of the few crown jewels of France to remain unaltered…

One of two duplicate so called "Consort Imperial Russian State Crowns", one of which was "lost" during the 1920's & is unaccounted for.

Драгоценности Романовых. Изумруды великой княгини Марии Павловны