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Figurative Language Task Cards 30 cards with metaphors, similes or idioms

This is a set of 30 figurative language task cards! 24 cards contain a metaphor, simile or idiom used in a sentence. Students must then choose t...

Parts of Speech- Expanding Sentence Structure Game- Adjectives and Adverbs

Practice expanding descriptive language at the sentence level with this task card and game set from Looks-Like-Language! Strategies and 128 task/game cards! $

Sentence Editing Task Cards

Included in this product are 126 Sentence Editing Task Cards in color and 126 black and white). These task cards are prefect for morning work or even for centers activities. They have helped my students improve their spelling and writing skills.

‪ELA Task Card Bundle {Common Core Aligned}

ELA Task Card Bundle {Common Core Aligned} This bundled set of ELA task cards is perfect for test prep and review. Your students will get a hands-on approach to different standards in ELA. This bundle is starting off with 12 task card sets. Each task card set contains 30 task cards, a recording sheet, and an answer key. $

Homograph Task Cards 27 cards with 24 homographs

This is a set of 27 homograph task cards! 24 cards contain a homograph used in a sentence. Students must then choose the correct definition of t...

Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences Task Cards

This is a double set of task cards for helping students understand three types of sentences: simple, compound, and complex. The first 32 cards are multiple choice and focus on identifying types of sentences. The second set (also 32 cards) requires students to work with the three types of sentences; adding or taking away phrases to change the sentence type, or in some cases, combining sentences or separating them. $

Homograph Task Cards 27 cards with 24 homographs

Task Cards! Homograph, Synonym and Antonym Task cards, my students love em! We use them at stations, for intervention and teacher I am done work!

Figurative Language in Famous Fiction TASK CARDS

Many students often associate figurative language with poetry and not prose. Therefore, these Task Cards help to draw their attention to figurative language in extracts from famous fiction

The Figurative Language Fun Pack: Activity Bundle

This figurative language fun pack (activity bundle) includes three sets at a discounted rate! Figurative language task cards (great for centers or small group/partner work), creating a medieval coat of arms using figurative language, and writing quatrains with figurative language are included. ($)