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Leo is a 17 yr old hybrid. His father was human and his mother was a were-cat. his mother gave him to the night pack to adopt then a year later she was killed. Father is unknown. is Marcus's best friend and he really likes Sasha.

Adopted! Name:kiroto age:7 she was born half wolf and her pack despised her every night she waits for their return she loves to play and loves meat

Hi. I am Ash. I am a fierce fighter and swift striking wolf. I don't like talking, but I will still follow the Pack to whatever end. Has a crush on someone but will not say who. 10 months. Gender: male. Brother: Xyst. Sister: Starz

Vein, nothing much to say about him except no mates or pups, and he is everything your ever looking for. He is a packer(warrior)

This is really cool, but I'd like to point out one thing, and it's not just this fanart, but I've seen this with many; after the kid gets bit, why would he still have hair? It would have gotten shaved off at the hospital.. The fanart is still cool, that was just something that was bugging me...