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Create a simple, effective suet bird feeder for your yard this winter by repurposing a thrift store coffee mug. Simply melt the suet (beef fat and seed mixture), pour into the mug, and add a stick for a perch. Hang from a tree and watch the birds enjoy it all winter long...this is a great DIY project to have the kids help with then they're bored! Fun, easy, wonderful thrift store upcycle and repurpose craft project from #SadieSeasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com

In Winter - if your garden is not likely to be covered in snow all winter, this planting can still add drama to the winter season, here on a frosty morning which sunlight can transform as it touches the stems and foliage

Do you grow as much winter veg as you could? Growing fabulous rows of a wide choice of feisty vegetables stops the garden becoming just a window landscape and gives it real purpose.

frost covered plants - from the book 'Winter Garden: Create a Garden that Shines Through the Forgotten Season' by Val Bourne

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