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We need B roll! Video is a powerful tool for communication, but we often have little time and almost no money to produce them. People would rather look at images of cute kids and happy families than static text, but purchasing b roll can be expensive. If you have an HD camera including an iPhone 5, please send us beautiful video--everything from happy kids smelling flowers to unhappy kids throwing temper tantrums. So flex your creative muscles and get us some great b roll!

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Motivational, inspirational and self care quotes. You can make your own with a little know-how. Pop over and get the tools you need.

No-Sew Sock Owls

So, if you have some random socks lying around… you can make these no-sew owls 1-2-3. The can be cute for a child’s room or as decoration for easter or spring. Have fun with them! Get the full instructions here => Easy No-Sew Sock Owls Happy No-Sewing! Jenny T. Read more...

365 Happiness Project 2014 – Quote 128

Bullet Journal: How to Use It For Productivity

45 unique and great bullet journal list ideas! Get a great start on your bullet journal with these ideas and topics. Your bullet journal can help you create lists for life, food or even blogging. Love this list!!

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Healing From Depression. The 6 Proven, Non-Medication Ways That Are As Effective as Antidepressants (We Should All Be Doing This!)

Sensitivity is often judged by well-meaning loved ones. Here are things said to parents of highly sensitive children that would have been better left unsaid