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Punta de escaramucera

Dr. Miguel Ángel Pascual, Presidente de la Federación Mexicana de Charrería.

Octavio Cirnes en El ajusco

Paso de la Muerte... Justo en el brinco¡¡¡

Mexican Rodeo…We are all Natives from Earth, lets make of this planet a paradise 4 all, starting by wiping out with loving radiation the assholes that are killing life, karma is history if you act now protecting life, wake up world and don't support evil in any way, go organic vegetarian and self-sufficient or death will be yours,

Campeonato Estatal DF 2015

Jaripeo is the specific event where the charro [Mexican horseman or cowboy] rides a bull and stays on for as long as he can. Charrería is the general term for all of the "Mexican rodeo" activities: roping steers, jumping from one horse to another in mid-gallop, spinning the lasso, and so on. By extension it can also be used to refer to all the accoutrements that go along with the events: the hats, the outfits, the saddles, etc. SPANISH Técnicas en la charreria y el jaripeo. - «CZ-MX»

Jineteada en el Primer Estatal del DF, Lienzo Charro Rincón Gallardo

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