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Text- the book in front has the clearest text and draws your eye towards it creating a focal point. It is also the only object in focus. The black and white gives it a dramatic mood and helps you focus on the book in front, where as if it was in color, the middleground would distract from the focal point (foreground)

partner activity- laminate photos and have students use expo markers to outline the three different parts of a landscape.

Então quando você estiver se sentindo muito carregado, muito cansado, e acha que sua casa está com uma energia estranha, use a energia da água para purificar o ambiente.

Street photography being one of the purest forms of photography, we are looking for candid moments shot in open spaces. The challenge is to capture the perfect moment....perfect in terms of light, texture, and elements all perfectly in place. Sit back and enjoy this gallery from some of the best street photographers in the world today. This gallery is updated come back and get inspired everyday.