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Greenhouse Lighting Fixtures

A greenhouse is an effective way to extend the growing season for many garden plants, protecting young plants from the dangers of frost or cold temperatures. Growing plants in a greenhouse provides ...

How to Take Care of a Banana Tree in a Pot

Banana trees give a tropical look to indoor and outdoor areas. These plants grow vigorously from a rhizome, similar to a bulb, sometimes to a height of 12 feet, depending on the variety. Banana trees ...

List of Acid Loving Vegetable Plants

This one can be the herb bed - parsley, coriander, sorrel and even rosemary, sage and tarragon like/can do slightly acid soil. Thyme would need lime (or more likely to be contained by itself, which is fine)

Modern | Outdoors | Groundworks Inc. : Designer Portfolio : HGTV - Home & Garden Television. Love the shrubbery along the sides of the deck

Why Do My Young Tomato Plants Have Light Green Leaves Instead of Dark?

The most cost-effective way to grow your annual crop of tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) is to start them from seed. While the little seedlings can start out well, they are heavy feeders and need an ...

Astilbe Chinensis Flower Seeds (Astilbe Chinensis) 50+Seeds

Astilbe (Astilbe Chinensis) - Growing Astilbe seeds is a wonderful way to liven up shady areas with plumes of color. Astilbe Chinensis is the gardener's best friend for breaking up the monotony of var