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Huntley Film Archives kitchen - YouTube Good Design Principles for efficiency the kitchen never goes out of date! Enjoy this vintage film.

Chicken in a tomato and basil sauce. Slimming World friendly, easy, quick, cheap, good for families, can be tossed with pasta or baked with mozzarella and served with green veg. Good to reheat and have for lunch the next day.

Britain wastes more food than any other European country and most of that waste happens at home. If a restaurant owner carried on the way many of us do, their Michelin-starred establishment, tea-shop or chippie would go bust.

Instead of purchasing a new rosemary plant every year or starting new plants from seeds, try growing your own from stem cuttings. It is easy to take rosemary cuttings from an established mother plant and grow new rosemary plants.

"The design (of the kitchen) was conceived around the act of cooking and photography. The goal was to use light materials (in color) with an abundance of natural light to allow me to use our kitchen to further my work in food writing, recipe development, and cookbook creation. We also wanted it to be completely connected to the dining room, and have an easy view into the yard to watch the kids. ... Our end goals were economy, simplicity, and lightness." Fridge - Fischer & Paykel. ...

Lino print by #JanBrewerton titled 'Cooking with Eggs'. Wish I had this eye for economy of line. Great shapes!