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December 2014 issue 41

December 2014 issue 41 Free online spiritual, metaphysical magazine. Dynamic articles to inspire, encourage and enlighten one sentence at a time. Runes, crystals, angels, horoscopes, lunar, essential oils, power animals, energy.

The Star Spread -- This spread is for when all around is dark and you just need that little glimmer of hope.

Fehu ~ Feoh ~ Possessions ~ Nourishment ~ Cattle The first letter of the Germanic alphabet and is concerned with worldly wealth and possessions. In ancient times, the main measure of one’s worth was determined by the number of livestock one owned. Livestock was far more important in ancient times, as the Germanic peoples were nomadic. Fehu is a Rune of fulfillment: ambition satisfied, love shared, rewards received. It promises nourishment from the most worldly to the sacred and the…

Mother Earth which is the physical manifestation of the world of the Germans. This is the matrix of all life in which the Gods manifest themselves by their elementary incarnation. It is the nourishing earth constituted by the body of the Giant Ymir according to the myth of creation. In fact everything is sacralized, the very foundation of the animist beliefs of the time and the world of peasant culture, therefore "pagan"....

Make any day a celebration! Just barely sweet, these sparkly sandwiches make a fun breakfast surprise, after-school snack, or party food. Inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem “Fairy Bread” in A Child’s Garden of Verses, fairy bread is a popular treat

Nourish february 2016 issue 55

Free online magazine to nourish your body, mind and soul one sentence at a time. Articles, photos, recipes, crystals, horoscopes, runes, and angels to inspire and encourage you as you journey through life.