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Today I decided to make sensory balloons for Pumpkin. They are so easy to make and very inexpensive. I wish I had tried this earlier. I generally buy sensory toys from the dollar store, but this turned out much better. First I gathered things around the home that I could put inside the balloons. The …

GALAXY DOUGH: a super smooth, ultra sparkly, & REALLY stretchy play material for kids. This no cook recipe takes seconds to make & is SO FUN! My kids played for hours!

DIY Sensory Balloons - also: Sensory Balloons: dry beans, coffee grounds, hair gel, flour, baby powder, rice, wate by Corny

10 Fun and Easy Kids Christmas Crafts

Small canvas. Different christmas shaped stickers. Letter stickers to spell their name.

Sensory Play Ideas

Learn with Play at home: Sensory Play Ideas... THIS. IS. AWESOME. So many great ideas for babies too

20 Must Have Items for Fall Sensory Activities for Children