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Art Activity / Science: Add one drop each of two seperate colors into a bowl of cream of wheat or vanilla pudding. Drop them on seperate sides of the bowl. Have the child mix the colors to form a new color.

Mixing Colors: Create and Name Your Own Colors

Create and name your own colors while exploring color mixing with paints! Inspired by Herve Tullet's new book, Mix It Up! (FREE Printable)~

Rainbow Color Mix Marble Painting

Have fun creating dynamic art with colorful marble painting. Kids will love experimenting with painting and color mixing in a new and physical way.

Benefits of Color Coding Your Homeschool Classroom

Little Bit Funky: toddler activities - easy kid art activity using painters tape and watercolours.

Math Idea: Go on an "Array Hunting Trip" at your local grocery store. Have your child point out all the arrays they can find on the shelves. You'll be spotting arrays all over the place. Topic: pre-multiplication activity

Making homemade bread is a great activity to teach both Science and Math.

Math Idea: Use muffin tins, egg cartons, deviled egg container, etc. to teach arrays. Topic: pre-multiplication activity, review work