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We will not be passing on the black rhino to our children, there are only 7 left in the world, not 70, not 17, 7! Just so that thier horns can be ground up and shipped to Asian countries.

"Where Silent Gods Stand Still" A rhino having a drink at Lake Nakuru, Kenya by @pennyrobartes Photography during a Wild Eye PhotoSafari..

A Gentle Giant, The Great Asian Rhinoceros ““The jungle is moving. Suddenly, in the middle of the night I felt the ground moving beneath us. Plants and ground were moving in the direction of the moon.It took us a while to comprehend that we were...

Rhino, Motswari Game Preserve. This type of rhino has been declared extinct. They still exist but numbers are so low in the wild, the species will not be able to sustain itself. ALL types of rhinos are in danger of extinction.

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