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Handmade Bird Feeders Recycling Clutter, 12 Recycled Crafts for Kids and Adults

10 Fun Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Check out these 10 Summer Mason Jar Craft Ideas for fun ideas for what to do with your Mason jars this summer!

string bird Bird Seed Peanut Butter Cranberries(frozen or dried), raisins, apples, popcorn and other bird safe treats Tapestry needle String, yarn or floss cut half again as long as desied garland/ feeder Prepare ahead of Time: if using fresh cranberries buy frozen or freeze : they are easier to thread and *much* less messy!

#DIY Bird Feeder! old @balljar + old metal chicken feeder + copper tubing = FABULOUS antique bird feeder! #upcycle #craftwars

Birdseed feeders 3/4 cup birdseed (we got the seed for small birds at wal-mart) 1/4 cup water 1 small envelope of knox gelatine twine or string cookie cutters, molds or mason jar lids wax paper